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Woodburning and Multi-fuel stoves
We supply, maintain & install stoves from the manufacturers below:
Town and country stoves Kent
Town & Country Fires
Town and Country Fires have been around since 1977 and are known for the clean burning technologies that go into each and every stove.
Town & Country Fires
Woodburning stove showroom Kent
Woodwarm Stoves
Woodwarm stoves have been hand-built in England for more than three decades, and are built with cutting edge technology.
Woodwarm Stoves
Chesneys Stove Installers
Chesney's Stoves
Over the past 25 years Chesney's has established itself as the UK's leading supplier of luxury fireplaces and wood burning stoves.
Chesney's Stoves
Rais woodburning stoves Kent
A 'perfect blend of gorgeous design and amazing pergormance', and holders of the Swan label, Rais stoves are gorgeous.
Rais Stoves
Hase stoves Kent
These stoves are made from age-old craftsmanship with a mix of technology to ensure maximum output.
Hase Stoves
M Design stoves Kent
M Design
With huge windows enabling you a more intimate view of the fire, M-Design stoves are built for people who has a passion for fire.
M Design
Dean stoves Kent
Dean Stoves
A contemporary performance, yet a British made traditional stove. Wide range of flue arrangments and optional boilers.
Dean Stoves
Burley stoves Kent
If you are after a contemporary twist on a traditionalo style, then the Burley Stoves range is where you should start.
Burley Stoves
Hwam stoves Kent
Hwam stoves are easy to use and have an incredible automatic efficiency. The attention to detail with this is second to none.
Hwam Stoves
Contura stoves Kent
One of the world's largest manufacturers gives us Contura They are built to become part of your home. 
Contura Stoves
Kent Wood Burning Stoves
Heta UK
Being part of a 50 year old Danish maker, Heta have a reliable reputation and are famed for ease of use and efficient heat.
Heta UK
Esse stoves Kent
150 years of pedigree and experience make Esse stoves one of the finest woodburners of today and they still produce excellent stoves.
Esse Stoves
Pevex stoves Kent
Pevex Serenity are made to the highest of standards and are very effcient, with a mix of both contemporary and traditional.
Pevex Stoves
Kent Wood Burning Stoves
Featuring the state of the art "clean burn" the Bohemia X range are Defra approved for use in smoke control areas.
Bohemia Stoves
Termatech stoves Kent
Termatech stoves, with there clean lines and fabulous build quality are built to last and burn wood as efficiently as possible.
Termatech Stoves
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Stove Installers Kent
Stove Installers Kent
Stove Installers Kent
Stove Installers Kent
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